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You’re always one decision away from at totally different life.

Before being introduced to the product, I was losing weight the unhealthy way by not eating. As soon as I started to eat again, I noticed my weight go up. I was frustrated because I didn’t want to stop eating because it was making me weak and unmotivated. Six days after putting this in my system I was getting my energy back and was motivated to go to the gym. I also stop taking sleeping pills because I could fall asleep easily. I feel like I found a new purpose and I shared my story on Instagram  in hopes that I can help someone else. If you found something that changed your life, and you knew it could also change the life of others, why would I keep it to myself?

I was going through my pics from when I went to Disney world last December with Anaya for her cheer competition and found this photo of me!! Holy crud!!

I was a tired mom of 3. Ran a company! Doing RE sales. I was a busy person! I let myself go… no wonder why I was so tired all the time.

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