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“Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.” Tony Robbins

We keep looking in the wrong places to solve our weight problem.

We are looking outside of us-what we see in the mirror, instead of what’s going on INSIDE. We aren’t looking at WHY we are overeating in the first place.

We eat because we are sad, lonely, frustrated and unhappy.

We look to food to fill that void in our lives if we have an unfulfilling career, family, or home life.

We use sugar, sweets, and junk food as a quick fix to feel better from our pain, longing, and desperation.

To solve our obsession with food and body size, we need to look deeper within ourselves.

Yes, going on a diet may give us that instant gratification of losing the five, 10, or 15 pounds we have been frantically trying to get rid of. But when the pounds pile back on, when we still crave sweets when life gets tough, and when we still feel like food consumes our lives, we are no better off than before.

Focus on the why

Why do you want to diet? What do you think you will achieve? What is going on mentally, emotionally or spiritually? Recognize the fundamental reasons BEHIND why you want to diet.

Recognizing the fundamental reasons behind your desire to diet will help you move forward to a gentler, more compassionate approach around food.

Revisit your Past

I know that EVERY single diet I have gone on has resulted in overeating. Every. Single. Time.

In the early stages of dieting, the diets I went on lasted for months. Then, I wouldn’t be able to sustain the pressure and gave in to eating all the delicious treats I forbade myself to eat. I would promise myself that the next diet was REALLY it-this would be my final diet and I would stick with it forever.

Inevitably, I’d succumb to temptation again, and go off the diet. When I got extremely honest with myself, I faced the truth: No diet has ever worked for me.

Take a hard look at your past experiences with diets and examine how these patterns have kept you stuck in the same old habits. There is a solution and stop calling it a diet but a lifestyle

Eat to satisfy

Tuning in to your body and what it needs to feel nourished and healthy forces us to eat from a different place within ourselves. We are not eating from our crazy, thought-ridden, compulsive minds. Eating to satisfy comes from a different place, a DEEPER place within ourselves.

“There is so much more to learn to. “Success is buried on the other side of frustration.” Tony Robbins